Free Cyber Training for Schools

Cyber Security has never been more important for schools, who sadly feature too frequently on the list of victims of cybercrime. The Cyber Protect and Cyber Choices teams in SEROCU are funded by the UK Government to help achieve the national vision of the UK being the safest place to live and work. As a result, we are able to offer free expert services around improving the cyber security of your school and ensuring that your pupils are exhibiting the right cyber behaviours.


Cyber Protect

Sadly, cyber criminals have no moral compass. The majority of cyber attacks we see start with automated searching of the internet for vulnerabilities. This can be vulnerable systems (scanning) or vulnerable people (phishing). Once the criminal has found a target, they can focus their efforts. Often their intent is to steal data about people – which can be monetised – or to steal money directly through crimes like invoice fraud.

The majority of cybercrime could be stopped with some simple changes

Improvements in cyber security don’t have to cost the earth. Often, it starts with training your staff to recognise the threat of cybercrime and how to improve their own cyber security behaviours – like using better passwords.

Our staff are qualified adult education trainers and we are currently undergoing external CPD accreditation.

I needed to email you to say thanks for arranging the training sessions. They were very well received by Heads, some of whom described them as being excellent and really useful.

Derek Wiles, Divisional Head of Education and Learning, Southampton City Council

Cyber Security in Education – Leadership Sessions

These free sessions are intended for anyone in a leadership role within a school or college, including Headteachers, Safeguarding Leads and Governors.

These sessions have a focus on education and cover:

  • Key strategic decisions
  • Policy considerations
  • Trends in cybercrime against education
  • Common issues and failures
  • Minimising risks and preventing attacks
  • Training staff
  • Incident response and business continuity planning

This session is 1 hour long including time for any questions.

Cyber Security in Education – Staff Sessions

These free sessions are intended for any member of school staff who uses any form of IT including teachers and administrative staff.

We know that staff engage better with cyber security when they learn for their personal benefit, so that is how we deliver the focus of these sessions. The good news is that they are then likely to bring the same behaviours back to work, improving your cyber security. Topics covered include:

  • The threat of cybercrime against schools
  • Phishing
  • Securing accounts
  • Improving privacy online
  • Keeping devices updated
  • Backing up data
  • School cyber security
  • Teaching students about cyber

This session is 1 hour long including time for questions.

Cyber Security in Education – Safeguarding and Cyber Choices

These free sessions are intended for staff working in Key Stage 2, 3 or 4 and working as Designated Safeguarding Leads, those working in any safeguarding role, those in a pastoral role and those teaching computing or a related subject.

We know that lots of young people are getting it wrong in cyber, usually through a lack of understanding rather than with intent. However, the harm they can cause can be significant and ruin a potentially bright future. The national Cyber Choices programme aims to divert young people with an interest or talent in the cyber world to use their skills for good, avoiding criminalisation where possible. Help us reach the right young people before it is too late. Topics covered include:

  • The UK cybercrime problem – why we need to act to safeguard young people
  • The law around computers – the Computer Misuse Act
  • Diversionary opportunities and the need for future cyber talent – more than just coding
  • Teaching this topic – resources (Key Stage 3 available, Key Stage 2 being launched May 2021)
  • Handling concerns

This session is 1 hour long including time for questions.