Operation Configured

The South-East Regional Organised Crime Unit (SEROCU) Cyber Protect team are working with industry, academia and other law enforcement partners in developing a free, innovative and pro-active network vulnerability notification service under Operation Configured.

Operation Configured is a programme of identifying those organisations within the region who have a known cyber vulnerability or risk and notifying those organisations so that they can mitigate the risk. The intent is that this will prevent cyber-criminals from exploiting these vulnerabilities, reducing the likelihood of attack or impact of a cyber-attack.

For more information, please visit the dedicated operational pages at:

The South-East region involved in this pilot phase is Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex, East Sussex, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. However, due to inaccuracies in open source data with establishing the geographic location of organisations on the internet it is possible those outside these counties may be contacted.

IMPORTANT: While SEROCU are notifying organisations of these vulnerabilities, Officers from the team will NOT be asking for any information or other details. They will only be providing information. Any unsolicited contact claiming to be from the Police should always be treated with caution.