Cyber Crime Investigation

File Upload Service

This page allows files to be shared with the SEROCU Cyber Crime Investigation Team in a secure fashion over TLS. The team will be notified as soon as the file is uploaded and it will be transferred away from the web server as soon as possible. Files must be uploaded one at a time. The maximum file size for a single file is 127MB.

This service should only be used during typical UK office hours to minimise the time the files spend on the web server
(09:00 to 16:00 GMT / BST)

You should only use this service after discussion with an Investigating Officer and at their request. Their details are required – without those details any files sent will be removed immediately without being opened.

You must not use this service to share malware under investigation

SEROCU do not provide any guarantees that we will retain the file(s) and you should not rely on us to do so. Files will be stored securely on appropriate Police systems with access control and logging.

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