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This is the ideal time for your child to head down the route into employment in a Cyber Security career. There are lots of difference roles suiting every different type of interest. Not all require significant technical skill but may be more suited to problem solvers and strategic thinkers.

“Thank you so much… The school are being so positive now and very excited about his future. I think they have much more of an understanding of his and other kids potential who have an interest in cyber security and what this can lead to.

“It has made such a difference to us. Thank you again for your help and
encouragement”Mrs N, West Sussex

The most important aspect is that you help them understand what is and isn’t legal, so that they don’t head down the wrong route to become a Cyber criminal. As such, we would ask that you sit down and go through the law and consequences with them, before discussing their future career and how to use the resources linked to on this site to develop.

Read on to find out more about the law around Computer Misuse and then the good news – the opportunities and job roles available in the cyber world.

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Concerned about a loved one? – We can help!

If you are worried about what a loved one is doing online we can help. It is not too late for them or you. Now is the time to try and divert them to use their skills in a positive way and avoid criminal sanction. We have included a cyber glossary so that you understand the terms they may use and leave you better informed.

Cyber Glossary

We are the Police and therefore have a legal duty to discharge… however, the Cyber Prevent ethos is to try and divert people positively, not to criminalise unnecessarily. We can discuss your concerns and worries and signpost you towards which resources listed here can help.

All we need is your name and contact number or email address.

Contact Cyber Prevent

If you want to send through why you are concerned it will help us help you. In the meantime:

  • Make sure you know what they are doing online?
  • Who they are communicating with? Can their ‘friends’ be verified?
  • Talk to your child – try to learn about computing with them. You will soon better understand what they are doing and what their ability and risk is
  • Net Aware ( will help you understand some of the sites, games or apps they spend time on
  • Moderate the amount of time they spend online. More than 4 hours online is deemed excessive, so encourage other non-computer based activities. Your home broadband can restrict these hours automatically, minimising conflict
  • Monitor what they are doing on the computer by placing all devices they have access to in a communal area of the house

Our remit is cyber dependent crime – this is crime where the use of information technology is key to the crime such as hacking, computer intrusion or denial of service attacks. Should you have concerns about cyber enabled crime such as sexting, questionable images or cyber bullying help is available from your local Police service.

Contact Local Police