Make the right #CyberChoices

The Problem

The average age of arrest for cyber crime :
– 17 years old

Nearly 50% of UK crime is cyber

The Solution

A global shortfall of at least 1.8 million cyber security professionals by 2022

Average salary – £70,000

This is the ideal time for anyone with skill and an interest in the world of computing and all things cyber to explore a career in cyber security. 

The world is crying out for more cyber security professionals – a role which pays well and has a great reputation. It is important to understand that cyber security is not a solely technical role but has an emphasis on problem solving.

At the same time we have to understand that young people are inadvertently sliding into cyber crime. 1 in 4 teenagers have tried some form of cyber crime – many without realising. Lots of young people are heading into cyber crime through gaming.

Are you…?

Click the links above to read more about the law around the use of computers online and the opportunities available to those with cyber skills. There are lots of links to resources to develop in the cyber world, teach those who are interested or find out how to help us in this world.