Cyber Worried – Or – Cyber Interested?

Make the right #CyberChoices

This is the opportunity of a lifetime for those who are motivated

  • Read on to find out about…
  • The Computer Misuse Act aka ‘The Law’
  • The Police Response to Cyber Crime
  • The Consequences of Conviction
  • Careers in Cyber Security
  • Training in Cyber Security
  • Contact the Cyber Prevent Team

These pages are aimed at increasing your knowledge of the pitfalls and the positives about online activity, what is criminal or not and the opportunities available to you. It explains the law online, the Police response to committing Computer Misuse Act offences and the consequences of conviction.

It also highlights careers in Cyber Security, how to get there and resources available to you to develop and move into that world.

If you head down the wrong route into Cyber Crime it is not going to end well.

If you head down the right route into a Cyber Security career you can earn great money and a great reputation for doing the same activities online, ethically and with permission.