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This is the ideal time for young people to head down the route into employment in a Cyber Security career. There are lots of different roles suiting every type of interest. Not all require significant technical skill but may be more suited to problem solvers and strategic thinkers.

“Thank you so much… I think they have much more of an understanding of his and other kids potential who have an interest in cyber security and what this can lead to.

“It has made such a difference to us. Thank you again for your help and encouragement”

Parent Mrs N, West Sussex

The most important aspect is that you help them understand what is and isn’t legal, so that they don’t head down the wrong route to become a Cyber criminal. As such, we would ask that you sit down and go through the law and consequences with them, before discussing their future career and how to use the resources linked to on this site to develop.

Read on to find out more about the law around Computer Misuse and then the good news – the opportunities and job roles available in the cyber world.

Teaching this Subject

The South East Regional Organised Crime Unit’s Cyber Choices team have developed a lesson plan which aims to teach the Computer Misuse Act and highlight career opportunities in Cyber Security. This lesson plan is intended for Key Stage 3 – Years 7 and 8 – but can be delivered to anyone you assess as likely to benefit from the messages. This includes other youth groups such as Scouts, Girl Guides or Coding Clubs.

There are also lesson plans and activities suitable for Key Stage 2 – ages 6 – 7, 7-9 and 9 – 11, in association with Barefoot Computing.

To find out more about our lesson plans:

Learning Activities Online

A game designed to teach teenagers the fundamentals of cyber security has also been released for free. Players protect the virtual city ‘CyberLand’ from cyber attacks while learning key skills. This programme is aimed at students at the top end of Key Stage 2 and lower end of Key Stage 3.

Visits to Schools, Colleges or Universities

“I am writing to thank you and the team for the fabulous support offered to the school during our recent incident when a group of pupils gained access to the school shared server.

“Your work yesterday with the individual pupils, the key stage 3 children and the staff have made an impact. The staff have been sending me messages telling me how useful they found the training. Well worth staying behind in their own time!”

Headteacher A, Hampshire

We do participate in STEM focused outreach activities including all Big Bang and TeenTech events in our region. If your school is coming to one of these events then ask the organisers to put your pupils in for the SEROCU Cyber Choices activity.

The Big Bang

Concerned about a young person? – We can help!

If you are worried about what a young person is doing online we can help. It is not too late for them. Now is the time to try and divert them to use their skills in a positive way and avoid criminal sanction. We have included a cyber glossary so that you understand the terms they may use and leave you better informed.

We are the Police and therefore have a legal duty to discharge… however, the Cyber Choices ethos is to try and divert people positively, not to criminalise unnecessarily. We can discuss your concerns and worries and signpost you towards which resources listed here can help.

All we need is your name and contact number or email address.

Having walked past your stand earlier, when my students realised they were coming to participate with you later in the day, they couldn’t wait”

Teacher visiting Teentech Basingstoke

I know it’s lunchtime, but these pupils are not scheduled to visit your stand, can we speak about cyber crime now please?”

Teacher visiting Teentech Basingstoke

What is going here? I know its cyber crime, its look really fun.”

Teacher visiting Teentech Basingstoke