Call 101 in a non-emergency to contact Police

Contacting SEROCU – Public

You cannot contact SEROCU directly and SEROCU do not take reports of crime. All reports should be directed to the relevant Police Service. Within the Thames Valley, Hampshire, Surrey or Sussex Police areas you should direct your enquiry to them or phone 101 to get through to your local Police Service.

The exception is the Cyber Protect and Cyber Choices teams who can be contacted directly to access their services as described on their web pages. They can be emailed at:

Contacting SEROCU – Police or other Agencies

If you work for one of the four constituent Police Services of SEROCU, please search your INTRANET for the phrase “SEROCU Capabilities” to find our document explaining all of our services and how to access them, including the tasking request document and email address.

If you work for another Police Service either within the United Kingdom or abroad, please get in touch with Thames Valley Police as our host Force.

You will not be transferred but your request will be passed on if appropriate.

Accessing Information – FOI

Thames Valley Police publishes a large amount of publicly accessible information on their website. Should you wish to submit a Freedom Of Information (FOI) request you should also contact Thames Valley Police using the link provided.

Communications Team

SEROCU has a dedicated communications team which deals with press requests and queries.

The team will be happy to help you with any media enquiries that have a policing purpose or concern incidents that are being responded to or investigated by the unit. The more information you provide the better equipped the team are to assist with your enquiry.