Cyber Choices Lesson Plan

The South East Regional Organised Crime Unit’s Cyber Choices team have developed a lesson plan which aims to teach the Computer Misuse Act and highlight career opportunities in Cyber Security. This lesson plan is intended for Key Stage 3 – Years 7 and 8 – but can be delivered to anyone you assess as likely to benefit from the messages. This includes other youth groups such as Scouts, Girl Guides or Coding Clubs.

To find out more about the national Cyber Choices programme please click below:

This lesson plan has been designed to meet:

  • PSHE themes H2, R28, R30, R35, L1 and L9
  • Gatsby Benchmarks 2, 4 and 5*
  • UK Council for Internet Safety’s ‘Education for a Connected World’ framework

* Gatsby Benchmark 5 met when this lesson plan is delivered by a STEM Ambassador

Want to use our Lesson Plan?

While you are welcome to access our lesson plan here, we would like to have a discussion before you begin delivering this in order to ensure that you are aware of the intended outcomes and prepared to address any questions or concerns.

Lesson Plan Resources

Our lesson plan is intended to be delivered in 1 hour but has been built to be modular so that some elements can be adapted for the lesson length available. A summary of the lesson can be found in the ‘Information for Schools’ document and full details for delivery in the ‘Lesson Plan’ document. The Game Cards and Case Study Handouts are optional depending on which mode of delivery is chosen from the lesson plan. There are also supporting notes in the Lesson PowerPoint which may be useful in either printed form or presenter mode which give context and emphasise intent for some sections.

Version 1.0


Version 1.0



Version 1.0


Version 1.0


Notification of Delivery

We request that you notify us every time you deliver this lesson plan of a few simple bits of information. This is because we need an understanding of how effective we are in getting this message out to young people and where we are doing so. The information needed is included in the lesson plan.

Other Lesson Plans

Our colleagues at the National Crime Agency have developed two other KS3 lesson plans following the Cyber Choices theme in association with the PSHE Association. If you have found our lesson plan useful these may be beneficial in exploring the concepts around harm further.

These can be found at:


File Changelog
  • 26/03/2020 – Lesson Powerpoint and Case Studies to Version 1.0a – Removed CyberChoices logo and replaced with SEROCU logo due to NCA Comms strategy