Man jailed for ordering pistol to Portsmouth address

A man has been jailed after purchasing a gun on the dark web from the United States and ordering it to be delivered to a Portsmouth house.

Peter Black, 39, of no fixed abode, was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment at a Winchester Crown Court hearing yesterday (25/7), after previously pleading guilty to a charge of Attempting to Acquire a Firearm.

Black had bought a Glock 19 Semi-Automatic gun through a dark web website, which was then posted from the United States to England concealed inside a household item.

After the package was delivered to the address on 4 April, he was promptly arrested by officers from the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit (SEROCU).

After seizing and examining Black’s devices, it was established that he had made the purchase.

“There is absolutely no excuse for purchasing a weapon of this kind, and by using the dark web it is clear that Black was entirely aware that his actions were illegal.

“We work alongside law enforcement across the world to ensure weapons don’t make it onto our streets, and we utilise a number of tactics to support this.

“By arresting Black so quickly after the package had been delivered, we were not only able to apprehend a potentially dangerous individual, but also ensure a deadly weapon wasn’t able to be used.

“I sincerely hope this serves as a reminder to anyone intending to make illegal purchases on the internet, whether this is on the open or dark web, that we have dedicated teams working to protect our communities, and offenders will be brought before the courts.”

Detective Inspector Graham Curtis, from SEROCU’s investigations team